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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

Shortlist and Top-10 List Generation

The LAselect Framework is a two-stage list generating engine. It can sort any type of list or data in stage I and output it anywhere and in any shape in Stage II. If one feeds a large list of data into Stage I, then Stage II could produce a smaller list (i.e. a Top-10 or ShortList) with only the best or worst of the crop from the larger list. This output list can have a totally different layout and contents than the input data and can be directed to any range, sheet and workbook.

The full power of LAselect's build-in sorting engine is at your disposal in Stage I -including Regular Expressions- allowing you to sort or order literally anything into any order that you want. The interface is really quite simple and does not require in-depth knowledge of Visual Basic (VB6/VBA).

This mechanism is very useful to weed out mediocre data and create purpose-build smaller (can be any size) tables that contain only the information that matters for a given task.

LAselect could be used for things like:
  • o Build shortlists from stock price and other feeds (e.g. DDE)
  • o Gather latest daily updates from large lists
  • o Gather specific selections from large lists
  • o Gather incomplete data from large lists for fixing
  • o The list is endless...
This page explains only one of the many timesaving applications of the LAselect Framework. The interactive testbench showcases many examples and allows experiments to its LAselect's full potential on restricted data sets.

Download our free interactive Microsoft Excel testbench via the button below.
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