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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

VBA Sort - Sorting Arrays in Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB6/VBA) lacks support for sorting their own arrays.

The LAselect Framework add-in rectifies this omission. It opens the road to custom sorting of every data type the user wishes to sort. Performs multidimensional sorts of any kind with ease for Visual Basics own arrays or Excel's range object.

LAselect is a fast, programmable, two-stage sorter that can in no way be compared to other solutions. The interactive testbench demonstrates several possible uses of this unique product. Do customized sorting experiments with your own data. Click the icon below to see the product slides from parts of the testbench.

Download the interactive testbench and try it before you buy it!
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