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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

Address Management via VBA Sort

LAselect is a fully programmable sorter for Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA) that will sort any type of sheet or data.

First Name, Last Name and Postcode, Postal Code or Zip Code formats, House Number in front or after the Street Name and the positions of these components make Address Management a boring days work or some.

But no more! The LAselect programmable add-in for Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA) uses Regular Expressions to get at the particulars (no more cell splitting). Any address scheme can be programmed in. It could jump between address schemes and still come up with the correct order. To date, no other sorter can do that.

Download and Experiment with our interactive Excel testbench before deciding to buy.
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