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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

Address Sorting

LAselect is a fully programmable sorter for Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA) that will sort any type of sheet or data.

Things like addresses can't always be sorted. Countries like the UK put their house numbers in front of their street names; personal names may have their first name in front of their last name. To sort these in Excel you would have to split them first into separate columns, sort those temporary columns and afterwards recombine them into their original fields again and cleanup the spreadsheet.

This is an unprofessional, messy and even undesirable situation and if for some reason Excel gets interrupted it leaves your precious spreadsheet behind in a chaotic state and, more often than not, adding recovery support was not high on the ToDo list when the column-splitting routines were developed.

These matters would easily be resolved by using wildcards on steroids, a.k.a. Regular Expressions. If one could simply tell the sorter how to interpret a name or a street address it could do all the work behind the scenes without messing with the sheet. Excel's native sorter, however, cannot be used for this without creating an even bigger mess. What we need here is a new approach to sorting.

That new approach is the LAselect Framework; a fast, programmable list generator. The interface is really quite simple and does not require in-depth knowledge of Visual Basic (VB6/VBA).

LAselect's Regular Expression handling would, for instance:
  • o Sort addresses Street-By-Street on their house number
  • o Sort addresses on Even/Odd house numbers (or any other scheme)
  • o Sort addresses based on Postcodes
  • o Properly sort "Firstname, Lastname" fields on Lastname
  • o The list is endless...
This page explains only one of the many timesaving applications of the LAselect Framework. The interactive testbench showcases many examples and allows experiments to its LAselect's full potential on restricted data sets.

Download our interactive Microsoft Excel testbench via the button below!
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