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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

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Unclutter Your Spreadsheets But Keep On Sorting!

Media Image Many people use Excel as their tool of choice and happily bend over backwards to get the job done. However, Excel's sorter is too limited for the things people use spreadsheets for, forcing them to make their data fit the sorter.

This leads to clutter on the sheets and all sorts of hazards creep in. Spreadsheets become hard to understand and difficult to maintain. Chances are that only the developer of the sheet knows how to use it.

LAselect, however, moves the sorting solution out of harm's way to a macro. It's internals can be tailored to any kind of data. Code is kept at a central location and does not have to be duplicated for reuse, lowering maintenance cost and time.

Media Image LAselect sorts alphabetically, numerically, weighted, complex, fuzzy, etc. Media Image Regular Expressions sort embedded strings like postal or product codes.

LAselect differs much from conventional sorting. Take a moment or two to see how this engine saves you effort and time! Media Image

These product slides show you some random ideas of what this product has to offer. But mind you, they are not interactive like the free testbench application.

The < and > arrows let you thumb through the images or click dots to jump. Hovering over the slides halts the show.

The End

Media Image These product slides have shown you a few examples of what the LAselect add-in can do.

However, what you've seen is just a tip of the iceberg as LAselect would sort literally any kind of information you could throw at it.

As an example how far that goes, LAselect would, given the proper interface, sort a list of textfiles on a date, a word or name embedded in their text. LAselect's ability to work with Regular Expressions would make this a cinch! Postal codes, license plates, names, dates of birth, jobs, etcetera, etcetera...

These product slides are not interactive like the free testbench application available from this site. Download it now via the button below the slider to do some live experiments and even invent your own sorter!
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