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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

Universal VBA Sort, ETL, Dataming and DWH Engine for Excel and Visual Basic

Media Image LAselect is a universal programmable Advanced Custom Sorter and Datamining tool for Excel and VBA that will sort even the unsortable and output it to any location in any shape or form. Standard sorters can only handle easily sortable data and produce only simple orders. But, an estimated 80% of electronic information is not sortable in this way and the 20% remaining sortable data often has unsortable properties.

If you need a non-contiguous sorting order or sort volume and you're only given dimensions? What if weighed values or Regular Expressions (RegEx) are what you need? The native sorter cannot offer such views on your data and commonsense dictates that a new approach to sorting can only prove to be beneficial.

That new approach is the LAselect FrameWork; a fast, programmable and free-form sorted list generator. It separates input from output and it is up to you how to interpret, value and reproduce your information. The interface is really quite simple and does not require an in-depth knowledge of VBA.

The benefits are for anyone who runs into the limitations of the default sorter or has a task he, until now, never thought he would use a sorter for. LAselect is typically used to build reusable tools for recurring Custom Sorting Tasks, without having to clutter the sheet itself with extra rows, columns or manual preparations.

In VBA, Sort of Arrays is not supported. But now LAselect comes to the rescue with the combined powers of C++ and Quicksort and gives VBA sort capabilities.

The LAselect Advanced Custom Sorter would, for instance:
  • o Do conventional sorting without any of Excel's limitations
  • o Sort VBA Arrays (one- or multidimensional) or Sort Excel Ranges of any size
  • o Sort complex string data using Regular Expressions
  • o Sort Prefix/Postfix product numbers
  • o Sort First Name/Last Name, Postcodes/Postal/Zip Codes, Street Addresses
  • o Sort IP-numbers, Chemical nomenclature, Licence plates
  • o Sort on Implied values like volume, weight or distance
  • o Sort on Weighted Values. Sort Non-Standard Data Types
  • o Sort within a sort. Group data into Arbitrary (not being strictly alphabetical or numerical) Order
  • o Sort cell groups. Sort Non-Standard Cell Layouts
  • o Sorted Shortlists, Target-Lists, Candidate-Lists or Excel Reports from any type of input
  • o Perform Go-No-Go Quality-Control with a list of ISO Tolerances
  • o Filter data, Data-Analysis, Data-Mining, ETL, DWH
The list is endless. LAselect is so different from conventional sorting that you really must see it in action for a good understanding why and how this product is going to make you more productive. Click the animated icon below and have a look at the product slides. The interactive testbench we have available for download at no cost has many real life examples with concise explaining texts.

Download The Interactive Microsoft Excel TestBench From Here!
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