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A New Approach to Sorting for Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic (VB6/VBA)

Data Mining/ETL From Excel Tables

Data Mining Stock Shares Image The LAselect Framework is so flexible that it can harvest information from anywhere you desire.

On the right you'll see a data mining/ETL sample from an actual Excel trading application. One sheet of this application holds a large database for all historical trades and also all shares that are watched.

Every sixty seconds prices and volumes are updated through a DDE-link. The sheet then calculates deltas for volume and price and updates scores for shares that have jumped upward by a set percentage.

Next a follow-up call is done to LAselect which:
  • o Indexes the database (via Non-Destructive Sorting)
  • o Populates this Top-30 shortlist with:
    • o Name of the share
    • o Score
    • o Price gain since open in percent
    • o Time of latest score update
    • o Last price
    • o 5-Day trend using data from a table with historical records
Non-Destructive Sorting means that despite being a sorter, the original database in this real-life example has not been touched by LAselect; it retains in whatever order the user placed it and he can sort it independently of LAselect.

Said spreadsheet triggers five such custom sorting jobs after each 60-second DDE refresh and delivers only the most interesting information in concise shortlist tables like the one you see here. All this happens without noticable delays or even disturbing the sheets the data comes from.

LAselect is a fast, programmable, two-stage sorter that can in no way be compared to other solutions. The interactive testbench demonstrates several possible uses of this unique product. Perform any kind of customized sorting or datamining experiments with your own data! The icon below takes you to some product slides taken from the testbench.

Download the interactive testbench and try it before you buy it!
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