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21 February 2013

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Unclutter Your Spreadsheets But Keep On Sorting (and Datamine/ETL/DWH)!

Media Image Media Image Many people use Excel as their tool of choice and happily bend over backwards to get the job done. However, Excel's sorter is too limited for the things people use spreadsheets for, forcing them to make their data fit the sorter.

This leads to clutter on the sheets and all sorts of hazards creep in. Spreadsheets become hard to understand and difficult to maintain. Chances are that only the developer of the sheet knows how to use it.

LAselect, however, moves the sorting solution out of harm's way to a macro. It's internals can be tailored to any kind of data; even non-standard data. Code is kept at a central location and does not have to be duplicated for reuse, lowering maintenance cost and time.

LAselect sorts alphabetically, numerically, weighted, complex, fuzzy, etc. And anything else you can come up with. Regular Expressions sort embedded strings like postal or product codes.

Media ImageLAselect differs much from conventional sorting. Take a moment or two to see how this engine saves you effort and time!

For a quick impression without installing, see the LAselect Product Slides.

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